Bariton János, szinkronszí­nész
a (very) short story

This is the story of an actor.
But not just any actor.
Bariton János is a dubbing actor.
One day, he gets an invitation to a television show.
It's kind of scary if you are used not to be seen.
Will he make a good impression?
Find it out by reading his story!

We wrote this booklet to amuse ourselves.
And to amuse you, of course.
We hope you'll like it.

Enjoy your reading!

You can download the 29 pages text here.

And if you feel like doing some grammar review and exercises related to the text, don't hesitate to check out the Grammar Worksheets below.

The figure below shows the structure of a typical page:
On the left side, the text itself; on the right further information to help the comprehension of the text.

  • 1. Hol? Honnan? Hova?
    Reviewing the endings expressing location and direction
  • 2. A tárgyeset
    The -t ending of the accusative case
  • 3. A birtokos személyragok
    Possessive endings
  • 4. Mégis, mégsem, de, viszont
    A few conjunctions (but, however, though)
  • 5. Tegezés, magázás
    Formal and informal conjugation
  • 6. A melléknévképzés
    Forming adjectives
  • 7. A melléknév fokozása
    Comparative and superlative of the adjectivei
  • 8. Szinonimák, antonimák
    Synonyms and antonyms
  • 9. Vonzatos igék 1.
    Verbs and dependent noun endings
  • 10. Vonzatos igék 2. (névmási vonzatok)
    Verbs with dependent noun endings (pronouns)