Did you know...
...about the most popular Hungarian dragon?

Ask any Hungarian, the answer will be this: Süsü! Süsü is a dragon but contrary to his seven, fourteen or even twenty-one headed relatives in Hungarian fairy tales, he only has one head. Even like that, he has made career: he is the main character of popular puppet musicals.

Actually, Süsü is only half-Hungarian: his creator was the Serbian writer, Miroslav Nastasijevic who told the dragon's story in a radio play. The dramaturg Vera Takács (who happened to listen to the radio when Nastasijevic's play was on) fell in love with the somewhat silly dragon right away and decided to stage a puppet play based on the story. The script was mostly written by the writer István Csukás.

"Süsü, the Dragon" appeared on TV in 1976 for the first time. Since then, numerous episodes have been written and released in 22 countries.

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