The Practical Hungarian Grammar Book
After four long years of development and testing, it is finally out!

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The Hungarian language often appears discouraging to foreign students, especially when trying to learn alone. This can be emphasized by the fact that typical grammars are either overly simplistic or too complex and full of technical jargon to offer proper learning guides. A situation that leads to confusion and frustration.
Confronted with this lack of proper material, we have endeavoured to develop a new practical Hungarian grammar that would provide students and instructors with a useful, practical and long-lasting tool.

We have made our best to organize each of the 110 grammar sections in a clear and structured fashion, allowing to quickly focus on the key points of the language aspect under study. (see picture below)
We have also made sure to explicitate the rules both in a precise and concise way, avoiding unnecessary complications, and having always in mind the student's needs.
That is why all lessons are written both in English and Hungarian. Bilingual explanations help avoid any ambiguities and provide the student with additional useful vocabulary.
Numerous cross-references to other grammatical sections enable the student to easily access useful related information and serve as an unobtrusive means to progressively connecting together the various aspects of the language.
Important information is presented in separate boxes, with an exclamation mark next to them. Additional - usually more advanced - remarks can be found in the "Good to know" (Jó tudni) sections for further study.
Our Practical Hungarian Grammar focuses on the grammar and vocabulary required for the lower intermediate level (B1) language examination of the Common European Framework for Languages. However, as all the important aspects of Hungarian grammar are presented, it can serve as an effective resource from beginner to advanced levels. The book contains an answer key and many conjugation tables to facilitate self-study. It is also suitable for group lessons where grammar aspects can be studied and worked through with an instructor and fellow students.

Check out the table of contents, preface and a 30-page-long chapter from the book in our sample section below.

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Authors: Szita Szilvia and Görbe Tamás
Editor: Akadémiai Kiadó
367 pages
ISBN: 978-9630587037

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Table of contents


Sample pages: Past tense


- Introduction
- Lessons and exercises
- Review
- Verb types listed by their past tense ending

The following picture illustrates a typical lesson page.

About the Authors
  • Szilvia Szita founded Magyaróra in 2002. She has given several courses at the Debrecen Summer School and the University of Groningen in the past ten years. She is the co-author of Begegnungen , a series of German language and grammar books.

  • Tamás Görbe has been a lecturer at the Humboldt University (Berlin/Germany) since 2003. He is a devoted and experienced teacher who has been developing his own teaching material and method in the past six years.

Sample section

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